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Performance issues in bed are something most men face a few times in their life. This can be due to many reasons and one must not think too hard about it. There are many logical reasons which can be thought like stress and anxiety or even fatigue that could lead to mess up. However, some men also can have issues with pre-ejaculation and different forms of penile dysfunction. Today, however, none of these factors do in anyway holds back a person from pleasing a woman sexually. The latest addition to this branch of products is the VigRX delay spray that has proved to be a head turner.


The attribute which matters the most when it comes to judging the utility of a product is the materials used to create it. Medicines of all kind are made keeping in mind their ingredients. The VigRX delay spray ingredients are as follows:

  • Benzocaine

This is the most dominant element used in creation of product and is primary an anesthetic. It works on penile tissues of male using it by inhibiting voltage-dependent sodium channels in nerve membranes. This prevents propagation of action potential and slows ejaculation process and allows male to feel the pleasure. It also allow woman to feel pleased for longer.

  • Lidocaine

Lidocaine is very similar in function to the earlier component. It is a numbing agent and is a popular item used in other delaying creams as well as gels. The only problem is that it is stronger than above ingredient and can reach an excessive level.

Hence benzocaine has been used in a much more aggressive manner as it helps to gain right balance between numbness and pleasure. Also, this item has been approved by Cgmp-facility in the United States of America hence it is a highly acclaimed product.

Method of use

The first thing to remember at this point is that it a Vigrx spray that works very fast. What this implies is that a soon as you spray it the absorption process begins and within 10 minutes you notice results. It is subjective and hence the dosage that will work best for you is to be individually determined.

However what is promised is a longer and more pleasurable sex experience. The beginning dosage can be a total of 3 sprays as with each spray the effect will only increase. Since it is a numbing agent it is smart not to go overboard at first. What is promised after its application is as follows:

  • Delays the orgasm

The orgasm is delayed and this allows the woman and man both to have a more enjoyable and longer session of intercourse.

  • Increases erection

When the erection is further increased man is pleasured to a greater extent and the sex can blow your mind in the best way.

  • Increases semen volume

Since the orgasm is delayed the total volume of semen which is released will also be more and this can only make it better.

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