Since my early 20's I have struggled with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, which was diagnosed as melasma triggered by taking birth control. Over the years it changed with sun exposure - sometimes it looked like I had painted on a mustache, other times people would tell me that I had dirt on my face to wipe away. It was embarrassing. I have always wanted the even skin tone from my youth back and to be able to go out to the store without putting make up on. Illuminatural 6i seems to be the solution I have been looking for.

I have tried everything: tinted makeup, over-the-counter topical creams, prescription creams with hydroquinone and laser treatments (IPL or intense pulsed light). The tinted foundations that I tried looked ok for a little while, but they made my face look a little off color and after a couple of hours the dark, uneven spots showed through. The over the counter creams I have tried were never strong enough to be powerful, even when I tried it for months. The prescription hydroquinone my dermatologist gave me made my face inflamed with a rash but I kept trying it, hoping that eventually my skin would get better. It felt like I was burning my face off to get even skin, which didn't make sense. IPL treatment was something I had to save up to do because it is really expensive. It is somewhat painful and made me even more sensitive to the sun. The worst part was that after spending all of that money, it ended up making the pigmentation worse.

Illuminatural 6i is different because it works over time to regulate your skin's melanin, which is what causes the dark spots. It does take time and they say best results are after 90 days. I have to keep the same skin ritual every day for my skin to respond and see the difference. It is much cheaper than a laser treatment and I am so happy to be able to run errands without makeup and feel confident about my skin.

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