Today is the last day of National "Talk About Prescriptions" month - so hopefully you have spoken with your aging loved one- especially if they are taking multiple medications. However, I would also like to encourage everyone to talk about another kind of prescription- not for a medication, but for glasses or contacts.

Our vision deteriorates as we age and this can affect our mobility.  Home safety is incredibly important for preventing falls- and one key to preventing falls is recognizing a change in vision.

A recent study proves that worse vision or 'visual field deficit' is associated with falls- especially peripheral vision deficits.  The study also provides information about the occurrence of falls among older adults and the association of falls with a greater likelihood of hospitalization, nursing home admission, and death.

The bottom line: making sure your loved one has regular exams by a health care professional- including vision exams- is a smart move!  You may also speak with your geriatrician or health care professional for more information on preventing falls.  To read the study abstract issued by the  Institutes of Ophthamology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University College in London, please click here.

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